Value line cut-off wheels are a performance tested product for industrial use on portable and stationary machines. Standard sizes and gradings in both reinforced and non-reinforced wheels are included. The wheels are made in the U.S.A. but priced to be competitive with imports. Because of the way this product is produced and priced, special rules apply to the shipment and sale.

For those who may not know, cut off wheels differ from grinding wheels in that they do not require an abrasive stick or another other accessory from time to time. Again, not all grinding wheels require abrasive sticks. However, Cut off wheels sharpen themselves. They are well reinforce and typically employed for construction industry cutting on rebar (steel reinforcement) bolts that require removal.

For more information, including additional rules,  go to pages 20-23 of the online catalog.

Cut Off Wheels

  • No variation in wheel diameter, thickness or grading.
  • Selected thickness are available at "ultra thin" in each diameter at a somewhat higher price.
  • Selected sizes are available for special application made with zirconia or ceramic abrasive.
  • Shipment is F.O.B. from our Michigan City, Indiana factory.